First Nations employment (Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander)

First Nations employment (Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander)

Relationships Australia Queensland’s vision for the future is a just, sustainable and equitable world – one where Australia’s First Nations peoples are recognised and respected as the sovereign peoples on whose land we live and work.

Our First Nations staff are recognised and respected members of community who maintain their cultural integrity by incorporating their wisdom into clinical practice to support clients from a professional and cultural perspective.

The team are highly skilled experts that apply effective communication to actively listen and adapt their approach to accommodate the client’s needs; whether that be applying the practices of a yarning circle for managing parenting matters or more complex methods for healing those impacted by trauma, grief or loss.

We consider these practices as vital for our organisation, as it challenges the status quo of conventional clinical methods and improves our ability to deliver new practices and tools for supporting our clients on their well-being journey.

Our First Nations staff also guide our RAQ leadership team to ensure programs and services reflect the cultural perspectives and aspirations of local First Nations people and communities.

We also incorporate healing gatherings, women’s camps, men’s groups, sporting and cultural events, and collaborate with industry partners to provide outreach support in community spaces such as Murri Court, Elders spaces, women’s groups and men’s groups, schools, medical centres and hospitals.

  • Lateral violence support
  • Prevention and recovery support around domestic violence and family violence
  • Gambling and addictions

RAQ recognises the sovereignty of the First Peoples of Australia and advocate for their human rights, dignity and self-determination over their land, language, spiritual, social, cultural, political, ecological, and economic practices.

RAQ currently boasts a strong First Nations workforce with 5.2 percent identifying as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, almost doubling the ”three per cent whole-of-government participation target” identified in the Queensland Governments Moving Ahead Strategy 2016-2022.

Here at Relationships Australia (QLD) acknowledge that we must respect, listen, learn, and work together with the First Peoples of Australia to continue our commitment and journey of reconciliation.

For a discussion on initiatives that relate to Australia’s First Nations Peoples, contact [email protected] with the subject “Enquiry: First Nations”